PPP 13: The Baker’s Dozen (Live!)


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano

For some reason, we did a LIVE podcast! Complete with technical difficulties, a quick Q&A, sloppy pitches, and a legit chat about whether creativity is learned or innate. YEAH!


Mentioned in this episode:

+ check out the artwork of our listeners, Judith U.!
329 Days of Sun Lager from Golden Road brewery
+ rose wine in a can
+ Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association
+ July Box Breakdown video for ArtSnacks
+ new journal spread ‘charms’
+ ‘Are Some People Born Creative?’ article
+ new podcast by Abbi Jacobson ‘a piece of work
+ Sugar album by Stanley Turrentine
+ game of thrones s7 trailer
+ ‘the long way to a small, angry planet’ by Becky Chambers
+ ScareLA halloween convention
+ “Harding” movie trailer from Last Week Tonight (YouTube channel w/ full episodes)
+ new s3 rick and morty promo (with james in the background)
+ troll 2 trailer

***Also to note – due to the technical difficulties during the stream we unfortunately did not have a complete video to leave up on YouTube! it was missing the entire back half, and was broken up into weird clips. it wouldn’t have made any sense had we left it up…sorry guys! xo

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