PPP 12: 4th of July Spectacular


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano

It’s a 4th of July bonanza, as we discuss bad creative habits, share a nerd sprinkle we’re both hyped about, and attempt round two of slang words you should know in 2017.

***As we mention in the episode, don’t forget to join us this weekend as we record our next one LIVE ON YOUTUBE! This Saturday, July 8th @ 5pm PST, grab a drink, and tune in. Be sure to subscribe to the By Bun YouTube channel to be notified when we go live!***

Mentioned in this episode:
+ ArtSnacks ‘Box Breakdown‘ video
+ ‘Coven’ zine drawing in progress
+ Issue #2 ‘Things I’ve Buried‘ mini zine tour
+ More Than Honey documentary about bees
+ Patience by Daniel Clowes
+ Master of None on Netflix
+ Washed Out’s new album Mister Mellow
+ Glow on Netflix
+ Rick and Morty season 3 trailer
+ Vice Guide to Slang in 2017
+ …and this was the last time we tested our slang on the podcast

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