PPP 10: Ask Geebs


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano

We talk about finding your artistic voice, our little pug Olive’s adoption story, and James gives the greatest wheat-themed pitch ever.

Mentioned in this episode:
+ Crout Corner origin vlog
+ “Satan Stole My Car” first bits of character design here and here
+ Roxy’s first mini zine
+ “Self Doubt Mountain” Podcast where we discuss empty creative tanks
+ Upcoming “Cacti” workshop at Way Out Yonder Studio this weekend!
+ Excited about contributing to the upcoming ‘Life Book’ Book!!
+ Art Journal magazine spreads
+ “Patience” by Daniel Clowes (also “Ghost World” and “Like a Velvet Glove Cast In Iron”)
+ Trailer for that crazy “Tickled” documentary
+ 80s song from the montage in “Cocoon
+ Spicoli and Mr Hand from Fast Times at Ridgemont High
+ Awful troll scene from Ernest Scared Stupid
+ Rox’s new obsession: La Croix
+ Behr eating underwear story at the end of this episode
+ Pug Nation LA — our local pug rescue that we love (and where we adopted our two pugs)

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