PPP 09: Air Conditional Love


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano

Wonder what it’s like to be a creative couple? We chat all about it. Also, Behr chomps on a dead mouse and James has the worst shitty pitch ever.

Mentioned in this episode:
+ Jurassic Park scene with T-Rex eating the goat (aka: Behr eating food)
+ “I Love LA!” by Randy Newman
+ 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Beer
+ The four shapes of McNuggets (bone, bell, ball, boot = gross)
+ Upcoming “Cacti” Workshop at Way Art Yonder Studio
+ Netflix original series Stranger Things
+ Ex Machina comic book (and also Saga) by Brian K Vaughan
+ Beware The Slenderman HBO documentary trailer
+ Tickled documentary trailer
+ HBO’s Silicon Valley TV show
+ Awesome band Springtime Carnivore we saw live (also on spotify)
+ Take the Which Stranger Things Character Are You Actually? Quiz

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2 Responses to PPP 09: Air Conditional Love

  1. Another uber awesome episode. Ok just gotta tell ya one thing. If you’ve never read a Stephen King novel, gotta say they are far more graphic and evil than most of the movies. For instance Misery was fairly unpleasant as far as the torture scenes go in the film. in the book the torture is dialed up as far as it can go much of it never made it to the film. I got about half way in and had to stop reading it. It was giving me nightmares. Part of that one is that in all reality it could happen. It’s not out of the realm of possibility where as many of his other novels are awesome but couldn’t happen. Stephen goes out of his way in his books to make the reader feel as uncomfortable and thrown into the middle of the world he creates as he can and he doesn’t hold back on the blood and gore. Pretty much is why most of his novels are big and fat. I’ve read quite a few of his novels and have to say the movies never fully capture his writing. I like most of the movies made from the books but you really have to commit to reading his books and be prepared for a roller coaster ride of emotions. That’s my take away from reading and attempting to read his work.

  2. Ok, so your last pod I worked on the Spirit project, which was fabulous as I was able to put in about a dozen (totally guessing) wallpapers. Today, I wanted to go tiny, so I’m working on one of your mini journals I bought. Listening to your pods has definitely sparked inspiration.

    Thanks for putting these together. I wish you could hear me laughing.

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