PPP 08: Self-Doubt Mountain


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano

We discuss how to handle an empty creative tank, our experience at L.A. Zinefest,
and share an epic (and hilarious) story about one of our pugs.

Mentioned in this episode:
+ Romeo & Juliet soundtrack on vinyl, and this is the track Roxy can’t stop singing…
+ Wes Anderson inspired Art Studio Tour
+ Cacti Workshop at Way Art Yonder Studio!
+ Jake Parker’s ‘Creative Bank Account‘ video
Game of Thrones trailer
+ Netflix original series Master of None
+ New track from our favorite band Washed Out
+ James is finally catching up and is watching The Keepers on Netflix
+ Overwatch anniversary event, and this is the Mei skin Roxy is obsessed with…
+ LA Zinefest and our friends ComicProv

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4 Responses to PPP 08: Self-Doubt Mountain

  1. Holy cow that was EPIC with Behr. I’m so friggin visual, I could see the whole thing. I guess mystery solved with his illness, yes? So this was my first Podcast with you and James; rocked it! While listening, I managed to completely glue in 8 ‘wallpapers’ in my Spirit journal. Also, thanks so much for sharing about handling ’empty creative tanks’. Not only do I experience that, but I also listen to this ugly voice that says, ‘what the hell do you think you’re playing at?!?’ This has stopped me for years! In college, I had profs ask me to submit my work for gallery shows or various contests, and my response was always the same, ‘ummm, nope, I think I’ll pass’. Putting my work out there and trusting those around me has been my Achilles heel; I’m a work in progress. SO, go Jon Snow!!

    • thanks for tuning into the podcast! and as for Behr – the tale of the chonies was something that happened two years ago. his current issue is that he has an inflammatory intestinal disease (that we are treating with meds and a special diet!). thank-you so much again for listening! <3

  2. I listened ALLL the way through … and by listening I mean I was trying to figure out how to remote access work without calling IT (I have a computer science degree, dammit) and I think I zoned out somewhere between the bit about music and the Zinefest because I “came to” with James saying something about Roxanne should do a zine. I should have paused it there but um, seeing figuring out stuff above. So I’mma gonna have to go back and find it before it’s deleted off my iPad.

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