PPP 07: Living With A Turd Wolf


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano

Without any air conditioning, we discuss different creative career paths, true crime documentaries, and discover how old we really are when we try to define current slang words.

Mentioned in this episode:
+ Mixed media artist Cait Sherwood
+ Mother’s Day painting
+ What James is drinking: Polestar Pilsner
+ Alice in Wonderland and Haunted Mansion mashup tattoo
+ Gorillaz new album ‘Humanz
+ Romeo & Juliet movie from 1996 and the super rad soundtrack
+ HBO’s Mommy Dead & Dearest documentary
+ Netflix original series The Keepers
+ Do you know these 10 slang words? -> dm, snatched, sus, boots, ship, sis, af, stan, extra, otp

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One Response to PPP 07: Living With A Turd Wolf

  1. Hey thanks so much for the shout out Roxanne. How sweet is that. Totally honored to get a mention. Happens to be the bright spot of the day since just found out that while I was home, working away in my studio which is down in the basement that my gas was turned off for a meter replacement and because they didn’t knock loud enough, I never heard them but like my front door is wide open to the screen door. They didn’t try very hard. I now have to have someone come out and light the pilots on my gas dryer (not a biggie) however my hot water heater and my oven and stove is a big deal. I had a huge batch of meatballs cooking in the oven and totally wrecks my dinner plans for the night…I’m not a happy camper so I am now listening to the podcast to get me out of the frustration I’m feeling at the moment. Grrrrrrr needless to say you made me smile just now. 🙂 Thanks for that.

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