PPP 05: Creative Best & Worst


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano

We talk about our creative ‘best and worst’, a record of the month club and other favorites, and then things take a real crappy turn all thanks…to Dr. Phil.

Mentioned in this episode:

+ We have an official podcast email & twitter! Send us an email: pugpartypodcast@gmail.com or tweet us: @pugpartypodcast
+ Spirits online art journal class
+ April Art Challenge and a shout out to @sketch.b0ok on instagram! Also check out the official hashtag
+ The daily vlogs are back!
+ Roxanne’s creative worst: Charlie Sheen greeting cards
+ Our handmade wedding invitations
+ Roxanne’s creative best: headless Marie Antoinette costume (and here’s how it was made).
+ Hub Halloween Bash contest clip
+ Baskets tv show on FX
+ Vinyl Me, Please record of the month club
+ Viceland’s Jungletown tv show
+ Rick & Morty mystery minis by Funko
+ Dr. Phil’s horrendous newlywed quiz that we immediately regret doing.

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