join me this summer in prague…


you might have already seen the save the date announcement on social media last month, but I’m here to tell you that registration is now open for the Call of the Wild Soul Retreat happening this summer in Prague! I wanted to be sure I got a post up here on the blog, because space is very limited for this (and from what I’ve seen in the past, spots go fast!).

this retreat has travel adventure, creative magic, and ‘once in a lifetime’ written all over it. it is by far, what I’m most excited about for 2017. I hope you’ll join me and artist Willemien de Villiers for the journey…

hop on over here for all of the information, faq’s, and registration form.

let the daily vlogs begin!


yes, I think I’ve officially lost my mind. I’m going to continue filming, editing, and posting vlogs daily on my youtube channel! I guess I developed a bit of a habit during vlogmas, and still feel somewhat motivated to continue making them.

don’t worry, I’m not going to spam your inbox and put up a blog post with every vlog video – because that would be absolutely insane. I will only put a post here for videos that aren’t vlogs (so the bigger more produced sort of videos: unboxings, sketchbook tours, drink and a doodle, etc.). that being said, if you want to stay up to date on the daily videos I suggest you subscribe to my youtube channel (and click that little bell button if you want to be notified!). you can watch the most recent vlog video here.

okay youtube…let’s do this thang.

studio playlist: december


woah. I’ve been sharing monthly playlists here on the blog for a full year. that’s insane to think about, and even crazier to see them all lined up on spotify!

I’m happy to report that this month’s list contains zero christmas music. that’s right folks, we’ve got a christmas-free zone happening here! I really dig this playlist, and recommend listening to it in order (and not on shuffle). one band I particularly fell in love with this time around was hope sandoval and the warm inventions. if you like a chill vibes, folksy duets, and mazzy star, then you’re gong to love ’em too…

thanks again for jamming with me in 2016. I plan on continuing these monthly playlists, so feel free to subscribe to my email list (in the sidebar) or simply follow me on spotify!


make it artsy: episode 10


make it artsy episode 10 is now available online to view! it’s up to watch for free until december 23rd…

I’ll admit that this episode features my favorite segment that I did for the show: mini matchbook journals. they are super easy to make, easy to carry or throw into a pen bag, and easy to obsess over (haha!). I’ve made several since the taping of the show, and love working in them.

hop on over here to watch the full episode and learn how to make one!

+ psst! looking for more stuff to binge watch? don’t forget that I’m posting daily videos on my youtube channel for the entire month of december…

lunar @ the art lounge on 101


if you’re in the san diego or southern california area, join me on january 8th at the art lounge on 101 for an art journal workshop! I’ll be teaching one of my favorite classes: lunar.

this one-day workshop is so appropriate for the new year, as it focuses on embedding intentions into your journal during the layering process. and what better way to kick off 2017 than getting creative…

hop on over here for more details and to register for the class. I hope you’ll join me!

shop update (last week to order!)


I hope the holiday season is treating you well thus far! I’m here to let you know that this is the last week you’ll be able to purchase any physical merchandise from my etsy shop. so we’re talking stencils, mini journals, postcards, stickers, mini prints, etc…

I’ll be leaving the online classes up for purchase, but will be closing the remainder of my shop from December 19th through December 27th!

every other year I spend the holidays on the east coast, meaning I won’t be able to ship out orders during those dates. so, now is really your last chance to buy from my etsy shop in 2016! hop on over here to shop…

thanks again for all of your continual support in shopping small and helping artists like me continue to do what we do!


make it artsy: episode 8


'abstract mini canvases' by artist Roxanne Coble, and seen on the Make It Artsy tv show!

episode 8 of make it artsy almost snuck right by me! hop on over to the make it artsy website to watch the episode. in it, you can watch my ‘mini abstract canvas’ segment where I show you how to layer up little canvases. the episode is available to watch for free through december 9th…

also! don’t forget to tune into ‘vlogmas’ on my youtube channel. I’m posting a video every day for the whole month of december…


vlogmas 2016


artist Roxanne Coble does VLOGMAS (a daily vlog on her youtube channel!)

so, like a crazy person…I’ve decided to participate in vlogmas this year.

if you’re unfamiliar with vlogmas, it’s basically an annual youtube thing where you create a vlog everyday for the month of december leading up to christmas. I’m jumping on the bandwagon simply because it seemed like an interesting challenge. I have always been fascinated with youtubers who vlog every single day. how do they do it?! well…I’m about to find out.

day one of vlogmas is up on my youtube channel. hop on over here to watch, and be sure to subscribe to my channel to never miss a video!


mini prints now available!


mini art prints from artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

mini art prints from artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

a few weeks ago I decided to order a little mini print of one of my journal illustrations. when it arrived in my mailbox and I opened it up, I fell in love with it so much I decided to order more…and put them up in my etsy shop!

these little guys are so multifunctional: use as gift tags, trading cards, cut ’em up and use them in your own mixed media work, or simply frame as a mini piece of art…

hop on over here to snag a set!