studio playlist: march


monthly music playlists curated by artist Roxanne Coble

woah you guys. I almost missed this month’s playlist entirely! because I’ve been teaching and running around so much lately, it’s been tough for me to really put together a solid playlist. I’m just not sitting in my studio or at my computer long enough to really curate something together. soooo…there’s really only one word to describe this month’s line up: random.

now mind you, there’s a few solid tracks in this playlist – like ‘amsterdam’, ‘cat thruster’, and ‘drink to moving on’. but some of these songs were just random stuff that came into my discover weekly playlist, or something I heard at a bar (like ‘six underground’ from sneaker pimps…I nearly fell over when I heard it, it had been ages!).

tune in below on spotify, or dig back into my archive of monthly playlists for more music…


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