studio playlist: june


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well, I’m cutting it close posting this playlist on the last day of the month eh? but that’s not stopping me…come at me June! COME. AT. ME.

there’s pretty much just two words I have for this playlist, and that is: Washed. Out. yes, my all-time favorite band ever Washed Out has finally put out a new album (and you’ll find two tracks from it on this month’s line up).

if you’re new to Washed Out, allow me to be your welcome wagon. this band is the best. their music is chill. it’s upbeat. it’s great background music and it’s great party music. it’s soulful for art making, but cool enough to jam to while you’re cooking up a sweet vegan dish for you and your honey. you catch my drift…I love f*cking this band…

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  1. Thanks for reminding me how much I like Washed Out! I have Within and Without in my iTunes that I purchased in 2011…I will definitely be checking out the new one! You have GREAT TASTE in music, Roxanne! Thanks for sharing your playlists…whenever in the month it happens…it’s good!

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