studio playlist: july


I know, I know – it’s August, and I’m just now sharing July’s playlist. but I’ve been insanely swamped getting my new class LYRICAL up! any who, this playlist is a bit on the random side, but there are two small things I would like to point out…

first: I have fallen back in love with helio sequence. not that I ever fell ‘out of love’ with them…but you know when you kinda forget about a band, randomly find them again, and then binge listen all of their albums? yeah, that’s what happened. so, I’ve added two of my favorite helio songs this go around – hall of mirrors and leave or be yours.

second: I recently discovered a marcus marr and chet faker ep titled work. it’s so, so, so good. so good in fact – james purchased it for me on vinyl, and we’ve been spinnin’ it ever since. I’ve added my favorite track ‘learning for your love‘ to this playlist.

tune into the entire july playlist below…enjoy! xo

+ need more tunes? each month I curate a creative playlist on spotify! check the last few from june, may, and april.

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  1. Yay, July list! I was looking forward to it! 🙂 Still in Japan, hopefully I can start working on my LYRICAL spread soon!

  2. Will have to give your playlist a spin. I so relate to kind of forgetting about a band you loved and then wham! of the blue you wake up singing one of their songs. I love Pearl Jam and most of the members have a side band or two. Jeff Ament the bassist, songwriter and vocalist has a side band or had called Three Fish. They only recorded two album Quiet Time and Three Fish and I swear I could put Three Fish on repeat all day. Had forgotten or maybe had a senior moment and didn’t listen to them for a year or more. Woke up the other day with that album in my head and ended up listening to it for hours.

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