studio playlist: january


whenever I’m working in my studio, I’m always always always playing music. I can’t even imagine creating art in silence (do any of you do this?). because I use spotify, I have literally endless amounts of playlists. I even create mega-seven-hour-long ones for when I’m teaching at workshops!

every month I end up with a new playlist. this comes about through finding new music, searching through spotify, or using their weekly ‘discovery’ feature. so at the end of each month I end up with a pretty rad compilation of music. not only does this end up being my ‘studio jams’ for when I’m working, but I save the playlists over time to see what I was listening to when.

long music story short, I decided that I’m going to start sharing my monthly studio playlists with all of you! now you’re going to need spotify to do this (it’s free don’t worry!), but it could be a cool way to find some new creative tunes for your workspace.

so stay tuned each month for a new playlist, and click play below to listen to january’s!

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    • thanks Debbie! spotify is AWESOME. they have a free version you can download right to your desktop. the free version comes with ads every so often – but it’s still worth it!

  1. Hi Roxanne. You remind me of my daughter. She has her dad on Spotify for his nightly walks. I did try it as well. And with a few ipads before that using other music sources. I guess my tastes are eclectic enough or I’m just lazy that way, but I’ve ended up enjoying the old-school radio stations or Pandora just fine. For me, it just took too much time picking out the songs. Nothing could make my daughter happier, though, so I do understand. You ask, does anyone create in silence? I do, occasionally. Sometimes I can get lost in silence, it is rare enough to be a delight for awhile. xoxo, Aimeslee

    • Haha – I’ve been trying to get my folks on Spotify for years! Spotify also has a radio feature just like Pandora in case you didn’t want to make playlists (I definitely do that when I’m feeling lazy).

      And wow! I’m impressed you can work silently – I just can’t do it. Thanks again for stopping by my blog & for your comment! xo

  2. I always have music playing (I tried my best to refrain my dance moves in Palm Springs lol) 😉 I love Spotify (and we have it in Canada too now, woo hoo !).
    Thanks for sharing your playlist, looking forward listening to it.
    Take care

    • thanks Nolwenn! (and ps – if you add me on Spotify, I can share with you the playlist from the Creative Nomad retreat…that bad boy is 7 HOURS long!).

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