studio playlist: january


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I still can’t get over that I posted a playlist every month for the entire year of 2016. and here I am starting off 2017. crazy…

so no, there’s no friday finds post today – but I thought we might need some art studio jams instead. I can’t be the only one avoiding the television today am I right? while I’m keeping myself busy painting, maybe you’re doing the same and could use a little background music.

this playlist is short. but like I’ve said on playlists in the past, something about it just felt ‘done’. there’s a pretty wide range of stuff, but the one band I do want to point out (and you’ve heard me rave about them on the vlog) is Roosevelt. if you like the couple of tracks I threw into this list, definitely give the whole album a listen…you won’t regret it.

+ need more tunes? each month I curate a creative playlist on spotify! you can follow me, or check out last month’s playlist here.

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  1. I was dumb and watched it all unfold this morning. Now I need anything but more TV. Or politics. But, I have my new playlist and my Creatures and Lyrical class to play with. I’ve watched them both several times and has done quite a bit in my journals. I’m just trying to get brave enough to share. Love your classes and can’t wait for the new one.

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