studio playlist: february


I know what you’re thinking – woah! it’s saturday, and there’s a blog post up?!

well that’s because I wanted to share this post on thursday or friday (considering that february is almost over!), but then one of my pugs got sick! poor mr. behr is dealing with some sort of stomach bug or ate something he shouldn’t have. long story short, I was up all night thursday with a barfing pug, and then spent the rest of my friday at the vet and taking care of him. my pugs are like my kids, so as you can imagine I’ve been a stressed out pug mom for several days now…

any who, here’s a look at this month’s playlist! like last month, I create these on spotify – so that’s what you’ll need to listen to it. I hope you guys dig these playlists, and if not – what are you listening to? I would love to know!

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  1. New to your blog and love you art. I must say that I’ve never listened or heard of the bands on your playlist. But I did give it a listen and not bad at all. I love hearing what others are listening to. Thanks for sharing. You asked what I was listening to…right now the stereo is blasting with a band from the ’90’s Day of the New. Just the mood I’m in today.

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