studio playlist: august


this poor little blog. I’m realizing one of the more recent posts I’ve put up was the playlist from last month! august was a total blur though – traveling, teaching, launching lyrical, trips to the vet with behr, family events, project deadlines…it’s been just bonkers. but with august coming to a close, we are embarking on my favorite time of year: fall and mutha f*ckin’ halloween!!! (insert choir of angels singing here).

let’s get to this playlist shall we? this month’s playlist ended up being the second longest one I’ve shared. several tracks from the stranger things soundtrack snuck their way in (which include jams from jefferson airplane, trooper, and foreigner). if you haven’t seen that show by the way, stop what you’re doing immediately and go watch it on netflix. I’ve put the theme song on this list too – you know, to really get you motivated…

happy listening!

+ need more tunes? each month I curate a creative playlist on spotify! check out the last two from june and july.

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  1. I JUST binge watched Stranger Things and OMG it is so so good. Equal parts, ET, Fringe, (I miss Fringe) and Goonies. I couldn’t stop watching. I had to know what happened next. I hope there is a 2nd season. They kept it pretty open ended I thought. Off to listen to your playlist. 🙂

  2. Yay, August play list!! I’ve been enjoying your list since February. 🙂 There’s some that I know, but there’s a lot that I’ve never listened to. That makes it so interesting! Keep on coming. 🙂 Xoxo

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