june playlist & vinyl record video


whew! it’s like I’ve got a ‘music monday‘ theme happening here on by bun. not only am I bringing you another monthly playlist, but a recent music-inspired youtube video too! perfect way to kick off your week no?

in case you missed it, over the weekend I put up a new video over on my youtube channel. in it, I tackle 20 questions pertaining to my vinyl record collection. I’ve put it right into this post for you…

meanwhile, this month’s playlist feels a tad random and actually a little upbeat here and there. the new rhcp song also managed to sneak into the final cut. see below to get your jam on….

have a wonderful week everyone! xo

+ each month I curate a creative playlist on spotify! need more tunes? check out these: march playlist, april playlist, may playlist

6 Responses to june playlist & vinyl record video

  1. Love, love, love vinyls. I’ve been collecting them since 1964. I know I just dated myself. And no just to answer before anyone asks…no Beatles in my collection. I hate them. I lost count on how my vinyls I have as I also collect 45’s. A large part of my collection is Pearl Jam as I have everything they’ve recorded including all the concert CD’s. My price possession is a tongue shaped vinyl from The Rolling Stones and a signed Mario Lanza Christmas vinyl that was my Dad’s. Always love hearing people that love vinyls and so glad that they are back to pressing them. Nothing sounds better than music on a vinyl….!

    • totally agree – nothing sounds better than a vinyl record! and WOW – a tongue shaped Stones vinyl?! that’s nuts! xo

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