***My online art journal class “LYRICAL” is now available for purchase in my Etsy shop! Continue reading below for all of the details and be sure to check out the class trailer!***

Lyrical: where music meets the art journal.

“Lyrical” is an online art journal class taught by artist and illustrator Roxanne Coble. Designed and inspired by Roxanne’s unique artistic style, you’ll create your very own two-page journal spread from start to finish. You will choose a song that you love or that inspires you, and use it as a springboard for your journal pages. Working through various mixed media techniques, the class specifically explores: the concept of synesthesia, composition and the use of a focal point, typography (and the designing of three different hand drawn fonts), tiered paint layering, unique art journal mediums such as oil and pan pastels, and of course – all of those finishing details that ultimately ‘turn up’ your spread to a completed work of art. So put a record on and grab your headphones…it’s time to get lyrical.

+ The ‘Lyrical’ class features 8 lesson videos, with over 3.5 hours of instruction!
+ Instant access to the class videos and content.
+ A downloadable PDF (ahem, your backstage pass)! Included in the PDF are detailed step-by-step instructions, a complete supply list, sample typography, pointers from the artist, a printable ‘checklist’ handout to use while you’re working, additional references, and a curated music playlist to use as inspiration.
+ All videos are accessed via a private link and password that are good for a FULL YEAR from the time of purchase.
+ A ‘VIP pass’ to a private LYRICAL Facebook group – where you can ask questions, share your work, get a critique, and hang with other students from the class.

***BONUS: The first 20 students to enroll in the Lyrical class will receive a hand altered and hand painted 2016 BY BUN postcard directly from the artist! -> THIS IS NOW SOLD OUT***

“Another awesome class by Roxanne Coble. This one is perfect for anyone who loves music and wants to bring that passion alive in a journal and visual form. Anyone can jump right in. Roxanne, is a fun, bright, inspiring instructor who knows her stuff and knows how to make it come alive for those wanted to learn. Well worth the price. If you are reading this and thinking about it, don’t hesitate. Sign up now!”

“Have just started this class, but as the previous (Creatures) it’s fantastic! Roxanne has made in detail videos and you get a detailed pdf with everything from materials needed to link to an awesome Facebook group (only for us taking the class!). I truly recommend taking her class, I’ve learned so much.”

“This workshop is amazing, packed with love, fun, encouragement and knowledge!”

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Starting August 8th, Lyrical will return to its regular price of $60.00 USD.

***Never taken an online class with Roxanne? Save $20.00 usd, and grab a “CREATURES” and “LYRICAL” class bundle!***

“Lyrical” is now available for purchase through the BY BUN Etsy shop!

Do I need to know how to art journal or have any ‘art skills’ to take this class?
You do not need any prior experience to take this class! I’m a firm believer that anyone, at any level, can art journal. The class is structured so that anyone can take it – whether you’re a seasoned journaler or a total newbie.

Is there a limit to how many students are allowed in the class?
As of right now, no! You can buy your seat for the class at any time through Etsy starting August 1st, and there is no limit to the number of students enrolled.

Why did you decide to sell via Etsy?
I decided to sell via Etsy so that you could download the PDF right away, and have instant access to the class!

How do I view the class videos?
All of the course videos are uploaded and featured on Vimeo. You’ll receive a private link and password to access all of the videos from the moment of your purchase. Vimeo will play on any desktop, laptop, or iPad so long as you are connected to the internet!

Do I get to download and keep the videos? How long do I have to access the class?
No – you do not get to download or save the videos (nor would you want to, because they are insanely high-res and huge files!), but they will be available to you via the private Vimeo link and password for a full year from your time of purchase.

Is the class available to anyone outside of the U.S.?
You bet! Anyone can take the class, but please note all of the videos are in English.

What if I need help or have questions?
If you are a student in the “Lyrical” course, you will have access to the private Facebook group – where you can post your questions. You can also email me at anytime! If you are not registered for the class and still have some questions, feel free to shoot me an email: madebybun@gmail.com