the chop.


I’ve decided this weekend is the weekend to chop my hair off. like, completely off.

my parents always claimed I had an ‘iguana complex’ where about every two to three years I shed. and I would shed just about everything – my clothing, hair, job, usually a boyfriend in there, where I lived, etc. it was like this sudden urge to change everything would come about, and like a tornado – I would whirlwind things out of my life.

well apparently, it’s shed season again for me. yet, this go around has its limitations. I can’t move, I can’t quit my job (yet), I’m married (don’t worry, I’m very happy about that one), I’m content with my wardrobe – so that all leaves me with one thing really…my hair.

as much as I talked about different colors, and as much as I love my hair extensions (uh yah folks, that shit is not real in my wedding photos) – I just kept coming back to cutting it short. I’ve taken the month or so to obsessively pin hair styles (insert onslaught of michelle williams 2008 pixie cut here)…and I’m just ready to take the damn plunge already.

believe it or not, this will not be my first really short cut – in fact – for a very long time I always had short hair. meeting my now husband & the wedding is what has kept my hair the length that it is. I miss the days of little blow drying, hardly any brushing, simple spray and go styling, and a general ‘roll with it’ attitude about my hair.

this weekend…it’s time to shed chop.

***UPDATE: see the new do here.***


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