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  1. Hi Roxanne, this is beautiful! Is your “writing” on the left side of the page words or just writing like scribbles? You said on FB that you did this on a plane? Did you already have the surface prepared before? Or did you add that after? I have a little art travel kit for the plane also, with pens and mini watercolor set. Fun and sure helps the time go faster.

    • Hi Terry!
      Thank-you for your kind comment regarding the work! To answer your questions – yes, that is my writing on the left side. Most of the writing I do is not legible (which is somewhat intentional). Yes, I did work on this spread while on an airplane! I never finish spreads in one sitting though, this one took about two weeks to fully complete. I don’t prepare the surface of my journals – they are all altered books, and I usually just start slinging paint into them right from the get go. I plan on sharing my travel set very soon! It definitely helps make the time go by….

  2. Just brilliant. What wonderful talent you have. I am in love with your use of colour, line and form. Such a perfect balance.

  3. love your style! New to your blog. Would love to see what your travel kit looks like as I will be spending a lot if time on planes πŸ™‚


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