new online art journal class from artist ROXANNE COBLE called 'Hallowed Ground'

sample art journal spread from artist Roxanne Coble and her new online art journal class HALLOWED GROUND!

***My latest online class “HALLOWED GROUND” is now available for purchase in my Etsy shop!
Continue reading below for complete details…***

As humans, we are constantly burying. We bury physical things like love letters in a shoebox or a time capsule full of material moments. We also bury emotional possessions – like a fear you can’t seem to shake, a fading memory, or a dream that stays with you.

Within this mixed media class, it’s about grasping onto something you bury and making it sacred. Preserved, contained, and yet in a state of exposure, within the pages of a visual journal…

Hallowed Ground is an online art journal class taught by artist and illustrator Roxanne Coble. Designed and inspired by Roxanne’s unique artistic style, you’ll create your very own two-page journal spread from start to finish. Working through various mixed media and illustration techniques, the class specifically explores: building a background with layered paper and paint, how to employ a darker color palette through the application of black ink, the use of unique materials such as oil pastel and tattoo ink, numerous illustration techniques through the creation of a ‘vessel’ and coinciding imagery, and of course – all of the finishing details that ultimately bring your journal spread to a completed work of art.

This, is Hallowed Ground…what will you unearth?

+ The ‘Hallowed Ground’ class features 7 lesson videos, with 3.5 hours of art instruction!

+ Instant access to the class videos and content.

+ The course features 5 phases or ‘chapters’ that you’ll work through. Each phase concentrates on a different set of creative goals – which are all mixed media and illustration techniques specific to Roxanne’s art journaling style. Some techniques include: building up a background with paper and paint, creating a dark color palette using black ink (and tattoo ink!), a crash course on one point perspective and sketching on toned paper, adding brush pen details to an illustration and creating imagery with white watercolor, and so much more.

+ A downloadable PDF that includes detailed step-by-step instructions, a complete supply list, and a printable ‘checklist’ handout to use while working through the videos.

+ All videos are accessed via a private link and password that are good for a FULL YEAR from the time of purchase. Please note that you will need internet to play the videos.

+ Access to a private ‘Hallowed Ground’ Facebook group – where you can share your work, ask questions, and hang out with other students in the class!

***BONUS! The first 10 students to enroll in the Hallowed Ground class will receive a free hand painted coffin from the artist (via snail mail). Inside the coffin will also be a little surprise or two! While supplies last, limited to the first 10 students only!!*** (UPDATE: this giveaway item is now SOLD OUT)


For the first week of launch (from October 31st through November 7th) you can purchase the class at a discounted early bird rate of $55.00 USD!! Starting November 8th, Hallowed Ground will return to its regular rate of $60.00 USD.

*Never taken an online course with Roxanne? Buy one of the class bundle options to save!

**International buyers: The price may look different on your end in Etsy depending what country you are located. This is because Etsy automatically collects and remits VAT on digital items purchased by buyers in the EU, India, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, and Switzerland. I know this is a bummer, but it is unfortunately out of my control. To read more about the VAT fee, check out this Etsy article.


Starting TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31st @ 8:00am PST “Hallowed Ground” is available for purchase through the BY BUN ETSY SHOP. After completing your purchase, you will be able to download the class PDF directly from Etsy. This PDF will have everything you need to start the class!


sample art journal spread from artist Roxanne Coble and her new online art journal class HALLOWED GROUND!

sample art journal spread from artist Roxanne Coble and her new online art journal class HALLOWED GROUND!

sample art journal spread from artist Roxanne Coble and her new online art journal class HALLOWED GROUND!

sample art journal spread from artist Roxanne Coble and her new online art journal class HALLOWED GROUND!

sample art journal spread from artist Roxanne Coble and her new online art journal class HALLOWED GROUND!

+ Do I need to know how to art journal to take this class?
You do not need any prior art journaling experience to take this class! I’m a firm believer that anyone, at any level, can art journal. The class is structured so that anyone can take it – whether you’re a seasoned journaler or a total newbie.

+ Do I need to know how to draw? What if I’ve never taken a drawing class before?
You do not need to know how to draw or have any previous drawing experience to take this. The drawing components of this class are broken down into smaller steps and with numerous examples. As an art educator, it’s my goal to have you leaving class feeling confident and inspired to keep making and practicing art!

+ So, is this a Halloween themed class?
As much as I love Halloween, this is not a Halloween themed class by any means! The subject matter and color palette is much darker in comparison to my other online classes, which may be what gives it a bit of a spookier vibe. This class can be taken at any time of year and conceptually is about addressing things that you bury in your life. The title of the class ‘Hallowed Ground’ simply implies that we are taking something that we bury and making it sacred within our art journals.

+ Is there a limit to how many students are allowed in the class?
As of right now, no! You can buy your seat for the class at any time through Etsy starting October 31st, and there is no limit to the number of students enrolled.

+ Why do you sell your classes on Etsy?
I sell via Etsy so that students can download the PDF right away, giving you instant access to the class! This being my fourth online class, I’ve had nothing but positive experiences selling through Etsy.

+ How do I view the class videos?
All of the course videos are uploaded and featured on Vimeo. You’ll receive a private link and password to access all of the videos from the moment of your purchase. Vimeo will play on any desktop, laptop, or iPad so long as you are connected to the internet.

+ Do I get to download and keep the videos? How long do I have to access the class?
No – you do not get to download or save the videos (nor would you want to, because they are insanely high-res and huge files!), but they will be available to you via the private Vimeo link and password for a full year from your time of purchase. You can also keep the PDF forever, which has all of the step-by-steps in detail as well as other helpful tools.

+ Is the class available to anyone outside of the U.S.?
You bet! Anyone can take the class so long as you have access to internet, but please note all of the videos are in English.

+ I am paying for the class in EU, why is the price different on Etsy?
Etsy collects and remits VAT on all digital items purchased. EU buyers (and several other countries) pay VAT as part of their total purchase price. For more info on the VAT, go here.

+ What if I need help or have questions?
If you are a student in the “Hallowed Ground” course, you will have access to the private Facebook group where you can post your questions. If you are not registered for the class and still have some questions, feel free to shoot me an email: