friday finds


weekdays are just so brutal. keeping up with work (on top of my commute), the dog, summer school, freelance gigs…it’s just a constant battle to keep my head above water. yeah yeah, I know not to make ‘busy’ important – but it’s the fucking truth. thankfully, I’ve got at least one fun activity planned for the weekend…

I’ll be hitting up LACMA this saturday with my mom for a member preview of the new exhibit from van gogh to kandinsky (open to the public on the 8th). although it will be tough to top the calder exhibit*, I’m looking forward to a day at the museum. you know I love my member preview days (art patrons only…yeah!)

proof that the women of game of thrones are way more badass than the men

favorite quote of the week

diy watermelon donuts…I mean…

a fascinating article on what’s lost as handwriting fades

obsessed with one minute wonder (that features 1 min video ‘portraits’ of various creatives)

geek alert! the luigi death stare cracks me up

happy weekend. xo

*side note – the calder show fell into my ‘museum top ten’ list. hands down one of my favorite exhibits I’ve seen (and if you know me, I see a LOT of art…so it’s serious). if you haven’t see this show, GO RIGHT NOW. REALLY. the curation is absolutely brilliant, and there’s nothing quite like seeing his work in person. it’s open until july 27th.

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