friday finds


'friday finds' - a roundup of cool stuff curated by artist Roxanne Coble

is it just me or did this week fly by? I swear it was monday and then BAM…friday is here. I’m definitely working on recalibrating my workday a bit. the new online class was pretty much my whole life for a solid month – so now it’s about trying to settle back into my normal routine and kick off some new projects…

it’s been a bit since my last ‘friday finds’ post, so I figured it was time to share some random stuff I’ve liked around the internet!

loving the artwork and instagram of eva magill oliver

soooo tempted to buy this tapestry designed by nikkistrange

nothing will make you smile more than a toad wearing a handmade hat.

currently reading: dark matter by blake crouch

cinco de…pineapple margaritas!!

I totally want to make one of these (and how cute is mr. kate?!)

I hope you all have a wonderful and creative weekend! – xo

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12 Responses to friday finds

  1. That tapestry would be rad in your apartment. The colors would go, and the eye could look at that skull you have floating on the wall. 🙂
    If I were single, I would TOADALLY date that handsome hat-wearing toad!
    I’ve read WAYWARD PINES BY blake crouch. Kinda messes with your mind a bit, does he! Go thou and create!

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