friday finds


well, my semester is quickly approaching the end and I’ve got less than four weeks to go. my main to-do for the weekend is wrapping up the beastly CalTPA2, while trying to catch up on other assignments. I’ll admit I’ve been distracted all week working on personal artwork…but you know what, it’s a good distraction that is keeping me sane.

easter might be over, but I’m still loving this marbled egg diy

7 ways doodling will change your life

what your astrological sign means on tumblr (mine was spot on!)

adore these illustrations by babeth lafon

shameless plug! book a private workshop with me…

absolutely 100% in love with this painted series ‘postcards for ants’

happy weekend loves…xo

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  1. Do you plan any online classes in the near future? I know that you are teaching in 21 Secrets but I was wondering if any other workshops are planned. Thank you!

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