friday finds


what! I’m actually blogging?! with my semester finally winding down, and my most gnarly projects behind me, I can start to tackle my winter break to do list. one item of which, is this little ol’ blog. I miss blogging and rambling to (what few) readers I have. so, expect some fresh stuff around here – at least until I get swamped again…

it’s crazy to think that I’ve completed the first of three semesters in my credential program. while the past three months or so have flown by, I can’t quite say the same for 2014 as a whole. I think all that waiting and planning to quit my job just made the year drag a bit. I’m looking forward to posting and updating you all on just what the hell I’ve been doing. in the meantime, here’s some finds for ya…

this quote has been my mantra for the semester

lessons from grimes on how to be a boss (I just love her!!)

ok, someone buy me this dress

loving the illustrations from stasis burrington

how to read tarot cards (and I actually own & love the deck from wild unknown)

great interview with jen gotch (the co-founder of

have a wonderful weekend folks. xo.

4 Responses to friday finds

  1. I love your journal pages. I hope you don’t feel like there’s no one ‘out there’ cos I really enjoy your blog and love to see what you are up to, and now that you know that,
    I’m going running 🙂

  2. Hi! So happy I found your blog last week when I saw you were one of the artists for 21 Secrets. Love your journal pages! Enjoying your blog. 🙂

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