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+ Do you teach online workshops for art journaling?
I sure do! I currently have four online classes available: SPIRITS, LYRICAL, CREATURES, and my newest online class offering HALLOWED GROUND. All of these classes are available for purchase individually or as bundles in my Etsy shop!

+ Where can I attend one of your workshops or art classes?
I keep the side bar of my website updated with where I’m teaching. So, look to the right to see where available in-person classes are. I also love doing private classes – if you’ve got a small group interested in a workshop, I will come to you. Email me if you want to set up a class: madebybun@gmail.com.

+ Where do you sell artwork or cool stuff I can buy?
I list everything in my Etsy shop!

+ Where can I buy a print of one of your art journal spreads?
You can get prints of my journal pages on my Society6 page. If you see one on my blog you know you want, shoot me an email and I’ll get it up for ya (madebybun@gmail.com). I also have printed postcard sets and mini prints available in my etsy shop.

+ Can I hire you to make me something?
At this current time (due to my online & in-person teaching commitments), I am not taking on any commissions or additional freelance work.

+ But what about designing my wedding invitations or save the dates?
Right now I do not do any sort of invitation designs (sorry guys!). The ones featured on my blog (here and here) were done entirely by hand (like a crazy person) for my own wedding. At this time, I can’t offer that kind of handmade work.

+ Can you design me a tattoo or can I use one of your drawings I saw on social media?
I am currently not taking on any commissions for tattoo designs. Plus, being a tattoo artist is a hell of a lot different than a 2d artist (ie: what I do on paper, may not translate well to a human body). See below (under ‘personal’) if you’re in need of an artist. As for using one of my drawings – you are more than welcome to take it to your tattoo artist…just maybe give me a shout out on social media 😉


+ Where did the blog name ‘by bun’ come from?
Out of high school, I used to sign my artwork with a small bunny outline. Years later I got a tattoo of said bunny signature (even though that is no longer how I sign my artwork). When I met my (now) husband, he always claimed it was his favorite and quickly gave me the nickname ‘bunny’ which turned into ‘bun’. When the time came for me to start my blog over five years ago, he mentioned that everything (the artwork) would be ‘by bun’. I thought it was clever, and the title has stuck ever since…

+ Can I advertise on your blog, give you product to review, or host a giveaway?
I’m always be open to the possibility pending we’re a good match. Email me: madebybun@gmail.com

+ Who designed your blog & logo?
The lovely and talented Kate Miss (you may also find her blog here).


+ Who is ‘Puff’?
‘Puff’ is my husband, James, of whom I lovingly call ‘Puffin’.

+ So…you’re a crazy pug lady?
Yup. I’m obsessed with all things pugs, and have two: Olive (aka “Geebs”) and Lurch. Our pugs were both rescued from the amazing organization Pug Nation Rescue LA. If you’re looking to adopt a pug, I highly recommend you start there!

+ Who is your tattoo artist?
I currently have two tattoo artists I go to. The first is Laura Wangerin at Outer Limits Tattoo in Long Beach. She has designed, drawn and tattooed the large fox & roses piece on my arm and the Richie Tenenbaum tattoo on my torso. The second artist I go to is Roxi Tatoo at El Clasico Tattoo in Echo Park. She designed and tattooed the lavender piece on my lower arm.

+ I want to mail you something, where can I send it?
You can send me happy mail here: BY BUN, P.O. Box 26715, Los Angeles, CA 90026

11 Responses to FAQs

  1. Hi girlie,
    I was just admiring your awesome art journal pages and wonder if you ever do Artist Trading Cards or swap little pieces of art? I’d love to swap with you, if you’d like. I too am a Visual Art graduate going back for my Masters in Education (in order to teach art). Have a lovely day 🙂
    Instagram: @projectparlor

    • Hi Missy!

      Thank-you for stopping by, and for your comment! At the moment, I do not do trading cards or ‘happy mail’. More of a bandwidth thing really, but something I would be interested in exploring over summer…

      …and YAY for Art Education! we future art teachers need to stick together…haha. Let’s stay in touch – I’ve followed your IG…

      keep creating xo

    • Hi Kaye! At this current time, the only online classes being offered are in group courses (Life Book & Love Art Happy Life). It has been an ongoing goal of mine to launch my own set of online courses – but my schedule hasn’t permitted me to put the time in to create it! Definitely keep an eye out on my website for updates should anything change…(you can subscribe for updates via email in the sidebar if you haven’t already!)…xo

  2. Hello! I had a quick question. I love your work. What kind of journals or books do you use and do you gesso the pages first?

    I was looking at buying journals to do some art journals but wasnt sure which ones would be the best ones to get. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

    • Hi Myda!

      Thanks so much for your comment! To answer your question, I typically work in an altered book format – so they are old books that I’m turning into art journals. Sometimes I work in a blank book, and if I do it’s usually a Moleskine (with heavy weight paper) or a Dylusions mixed media journal. I don’t gesso anything…because I end up layering in so much stuff! I go over all of this in my online classes if you’re looking for more guidance 🙂

      Hope this helps! xo

  3. Hello By Bun! Your packaging vlogs help me get through my own packaging so THANK YOU! Where do you order the lovely envelopes you use? Much nicer colour than the regular yellow or white ones.

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