wedding thank you cards


okay, so the one thing people definitely don’t warn you about when planning a wedding are the damn thank-you cards.

don’t get me wrong – I love our guests & am so grateful for the cash gifts we received (that went towards our iceland trip), but damn. thank-you cards just seem like the biggest never ending wedding project of all time. of course I made things even more difficult by continuing to do everything by hand. after doing the save the dates and invitations, I couldn’t not follow through. handmade or bust!

I’ve never been a fan of just a straight up post card or folded card format. I wanted them to be like little paper packages people had to open up. multiple parts and pieces.

each thank-you set came with a scalloped chartreuse card with a personal message, a smaller funky hand painted ‘thank-you’ card, a wallet size photo, and bundled together with a strip of white dotted vellum paper. I tried to tie in small elements that I had previously used. I stuck with my recycled brown paper bag envelopes, repeated gold dotted washi tape as extra seal, and brought back some similar paint colors.

although it took me forever and I’m tired of looking at them – I’m happy with the way they turned out. it was a good way to finally wrap up all things wedding.

+ in case you missed it, our invitations & save the dates.

+ also: I have one more wedding related post I’ll get to at some point soon (our reception). it’s just a lot to get through all the photos & write up the details! xo

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  1. so many things to say here. i’ll try to be concise!
    first, i found your blog semi recently and love it. stoked on your work.
    second, totally re: the thank you notes. such a never-ending task. (but handmade all the way rules and always will!)
    third, just watched your invitations video – so rad. and your husband? killed me. on the ground laughing. then i followed that up by watching the clip of your wedding day and got teary. it’s all so sweet and beautiful and awesome.

    last, your sweet pug has been in my thoughts (i started following you on instagram after i found your blog – total stalker). i hope she stays the course she’s on and goes screaming past the six-month mark in perfect health and never looks back.

    so yeah. longest comment ever. but i just wanted to say hi…

    • such a sweet comment! (and very thorough!) totally not stalker whatsoever. haha…that’s how this whole blogging thing works am I right?

      thank you for your kind words on my work and all things wedding related. an especially big thanks for the positive vibes for our little pug. we just keep chugging along to hit that 6 month mark…

      it’s seriously so wonderful to read comments from readers like you – so thank-you for taking the time to write it!! xo

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