“two weeks in may” mini zine


"Two Weeks in May" mini zine created by artist Roxanne Coble

as you might have seen on my social media, I recently made a mini zine inspired by a pretty gnarly creative rut I experienced last month.

after many hours of cutting and folding (haha), this mini zine is now available in my Etsy shop. you can also take a video tour of it over on my youtube channel…


**UPDATE: the first batch of this issue is now SOLD OUT! but don’t worry…keep an eye on my Etsy shop, as I’ll be restocking them again soon! thank-you to those who snagged a copy***

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  1. Love this! I participate in a postcard exchange twice a year…thinking maybe a zine exchange could be fun? Kick it up a notch! I have so few contacts, I wouldn’t be able to host it effectively….just something for you to think about, maybe? XOXOXOXO

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