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    • each spread really varies…but this particular one was something I started a month ago! I bounce between a lot of spreads at one time 🙂

  1. Don’t tell anyone if this doesn’t work but I saw a video awhile back of a girl who stamped with Versafine and put gold leafing on top a then pulled it off and the stamped image was gold leafed! I thought that was cool but have yet to try it out if it works. Love this one Roxanne!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. Could you show us (either here or in a vlog) how you take photos of your spreads? My photos never look as good as my pages do in real life. I struggle with lighting and glare. When I’m able to take them outside the natural light is usually good, but sometimes I want to take pictures of them on gloomy days or at night! Thanks in advance if you’re able/willing to do this!!

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