make it artsy: episode 10


make it artsy episode 10 is now available online to view! it’s up to watch for free until december 23rd…

I’ll admit that this episode features my favorite segment that I did for the show: mini matchbook journals. they are super easy to make, easy to carry or throw into a pen bag, and easy to obsess over (haha!). I’ve made several since the taping of the show, and love working in them.

hop on over here to watch the full episode and learn how to make one!

+ psst! looking for more stuff to binge watch? don’t forget that I’m posting daily videos on my youtube channel for the entire month of december…

14 Responses to make it artsy: episode 10

  1. Super excited to watch this video Roxanne. Your Vlogmas vids are so fun to watch. It’s like I’ve met a new virtual friend, her hubs and pugs.

  2. Great episode! I will try to get some of these matchbooks! Lately I made an advent calendar Cupboard out of match boxes (do you have advent calendars in America? ).

    • oh that’s such a great idea! and yes, we do have advent calendars here – I’ll have to make one for James next year when we aren’t traveling for the holiday…

  3. Love this idea….I have so many strips of bristol hanging around from the kids’ art camps I do in the summer, so now I have a way to use some up! Thanks for always inspiring, Roxanne!

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