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  1. I LOVE your work! That said, have you ever answered the question of “why so much guts?” I find it hilarious and now look to all sorts of pictures in terms of cutting them open.

    • it’s just something I’ve always been interested in and enjoy drawing! true story: prior to pursuing art, I wanted to be an embalmer or mortician 🙂

  2. I went and watched the video. I remember when Fiona Apple started doing stuff, and this song and video could surely inspire art. I mean she’s spilling her guts in the song…and on your art…well, it’s got grit and grace. And I see the notes of music all around her feet. Oh, yes, I do! Love it!

    • guts on guts on guts! 😉 and Fiona really is so inspiring. it’s got me listening to more of her music lately….

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