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it’s the post you’ve all been waiting for! after working on our save the dates for so long, I’m beyond ecstatic to FINALLY share them with you. although legit photos are coming soon, I want to reveal our behind the scenes video, website & venue (so much I can hardly contain myself really). 

**the cards** 
funny enough, the design I ended up moving forward with, was one of the first ones I had originally sketched out. you basically get the run down of how I handcrafted these guys in the video. it was a lot of sketching, inking in all of the text (over 6,850 letters & numbers), and then using gouache to paint every single one. follow that up with some final details in ink, and you’ve got yourself a one of a kind save the date card. 

it was incredibly important for me to let our guests know and feel like they were getting a piece of artwork. even after all of the time that went into these, I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. in fact, I’m so happy with the way these have turned out (and enjoyed the process so much), that I have already decided I will also being doing all of our invitations

**the website & video**
now, the video is a fun little bonus for our guests. I knew pretty early on that I wanted a behind the scenes section on our website. I always thought it would be fun to feature and in a way, count down to the big day. not only does it highlight the handmade details, but it’s a creative way to get our guests excited. my intent is that with each new video (that we plan to release over time as our date approaches), their anticipation will build just as much as ours! puff of course, built our website (thanks dear!), and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. it’s unique & very us (which is my #1 goal for our entire wedding). 

**the venue**
you might have also noticed, I’m finally revealing our wedding venue! yes, that’s right. we’re getting married @ the smog shoppe (<-insert super girly squeal here, as this is basically my dream wedding location ever of all time). I booked smog three days after our engagement (no, I’m not kidding), because I have loved the venue for quite some time. it’s such a unique & gorgeous space to say I do

sigh – isn’t puff cute in this first little video of ours? love that bearded man of mine.

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  1. So freaking cute! Love everything about this and feel super jealous that I am not your family members so I can come too! The save the dates are truly exquisite. Also I have seen enough SMP features to know that the Smog Shop is a knockout!

    • …OH YES. invites are happening (I can’t get something printed after all of the save the date labor!). the save the dates weren’t as bad as I thought actually- about 3-4 full weekends, with about 8-10 hours per day. art school certainly prepared me for that kinda work load I’ll say that much.

  2. This is so cute! I had a very DIY-heavy wedding too and loved every second of it (almost) – and you will be SO happy you went that route in the end. I am now just wishing I had documented the process a bit more, it is such a great idea.

    And can I just say.. ummm… THE SMOG SHOPPE?! SO perfect. I love it. Jealous to the max.

    I am also guessing/hoping there will be more behind the scenes videos throughout your wedding planning process? Because I think I can speak for most of your readership in saying we would love to see more – it’s a very fun look into your process and is always nice to hear bloggers voices (and in this case meet the soon-to-be Mr. Bun.)

    On that note, what pen is it that you use in the video? I have been looking for a great pen for illustrations and would love a recommendation!

    Hope you continue to enjoy the process and can’t wait to see more!

    • loved hearing a bit about your DIY wedding! I need to stalk your blog…have you posted much about it?

      and yes – as we release videos I will DEF be sharing them here. and of course, if its something that’s not a surprise to our guests, I will also blog about it.

      as for pens – they are ‘Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens’ (that’s how its listed on Blick). they are A GAME CHANGER. I love them to death – and they write well on top of any sort of paint (they also don’t smudge, and can handle any sort of eraser). I usually just stick to black – and my go to sizes are XS, S, F and B. it also looks super yummy on bristol paper.

      here’s the link (let me know how you like em!)

      • Thanks for the pen links! I will be purchasing some ASAP.

        I really haven’t blogged about our wedding a ton because I wasn’t blogging throughout the engagement (I actually started the blog a little less than a year ago) but I have done one or two posts trying to back-track because I really WISH I had been blogging then and recording all those projects. Although classes are keeping me totally swamped this semester and I haven’t been posting much, I do plan to eventually (someday) go through some of the DIYs, ie recreate them and do some tutorials. =) But you might have already surpassed me in the badass-wedding-DIY department! Excited to see more!!

  3. Okkk. So, I always knew you were crazy, but Jesus! (The baby one. In the manger.) You are insane! These save the dates are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to show Erin the video. He is going to think I’ll want to do this now too. Which I can’t because they’d be heinous. I am sooo excited for you! Yay!!

  4. OK you seriously just blew me away! These looks sooooo insane! I hope all of your guests frame these and keep them forever. SOOO beautiful! And you have video skills as well?! Yay for adding video to our blogs 🙂 Looking forward to the rest!

  5. To echo what everyone else said: holy WOW, your std’s (I can’t be the only person who is abbreviating save the dates as std’s, right? Right??) look incredible! Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Also, that venue looks seriously rad.

  6. Stop it! You two are so cute. I mean, I just threw up. Adorable. The SAve the Dates look incredible! I love seeing the creative process. Wow. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. Yay! xoxo

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