Beetlejuice Sketchbook Cover


Beetlejuice Handbook for the Recently Deceased sketchbook cover by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

if you watched my recent 2017 sketchbook video, then you know I was due for a brand spankin’ new sketchbook. while I work in several sketchbooks at a time, lately I’ve enjoyed having a larger 8.5×11 sized one in the rotation…

this time around I decided to go for the Strathmore mixed media sketchbook and snazzy up the cover Beetlejuice-style! this will serve not only as a rad cover for all of my upcoming Inktober stuff, but also as a prop for my halloween costume this year (and yes, that’s a hint for you…but I’m still not revealing it quite yet!).

you can hop on over to my YouTube channel to watch how I created this cover. this video is part of my Bun-O-Ween series on my channel, so be sure you’re subscribed to see all of the spooky vids for October!


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  1. Outrageous!
    Strathmore has become my journal of choice too. I just finished my first one. It’s the soft cover H2O 140#. It’s 7.5 x 9.75.
    I’m ready to graduate to the 8.5 x 11.

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