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  1. Loved the video. Roxanne!!!!! Your pug babies are addddorablllle!!!!!! Blick is my home away from home. Hey, the paint got me to wondering. Have you seen the new paints that Target has in their school supply section, I think it’s in with the kids projects stuff. I know a few other art peeps who are lovin the stuff. I’ve not tried it yet, not a ton of colors but it’s getting rave reviews from those I know who’ve been playing with it. Rock on girl!!!!! Your videos always leave me feeling happy and grinnin’

    • thanks for your comment Susie! and YES…I have tried the target paints and they are the BOMB.COM. because they are multi-surface, they are super super creamy and layer really well. definitely give it a try! (the ‘avocado green’ and ‘egg’ are two of my favs).

  2. Hey Roxanne, Now that you’re in LA, if you haven’t been to Nova Paint on Blackwelder and La Cienega, it’s a must stop at shop. They’re closed on the weekends but their prices can’t be beat. I have been using them for years. If you’re going through the Golden gel mediums, it will save you money. http://www.novacolorpaint.com/ I’m not affiliated with them but thought I’d save you some money after watching your video. 🙂 If you need any suggestions for LA art shopping, lmk! There are so many cool places to shop and be inspired in here. Happy shopping and art making.

    • OH SWEET! thanks for the recommendation Kelly! I will definitely check it out next time I need to restock. and yay…we are in the same hood! xo

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