lyrical online art journal class


I’m absolutely thrilled to finally share with you the trailer and details for my new online art journal class LYRICAL!

I don’t think I’ve ever been THIS STOKED to put an online class out there. this particular class is very personal for me – as it truly mirrors my current art making process and style. I was so excited about designing this class in fact, that it ended up being the biggest online class I’ve ever created!


I’ve made a page on my website that is fully dedicated to the “LYRICAL” class. this page features what’s included in the class, the price, where to buy, and even some FAQ’s. hop on over here to get all of the details.

also to note, I will be doing another giveaway for the first 20 students who sign up for the class on August 1st. I’ll be sharing more details and sample photos of that item soon (*wink!).

so mark your calendars, and I look forward to you seeing you in class!

CREATURES online art journal class


ahhhh!! I’m literally dancing, shouting from rooftops, and running around like a maniac because I’m so freaking excited….it’s here you guys. it’s finally here. allow me to introduce you to my new online art journal class “Creatures”…

this class has literally been years in the making, and I’m so thrilled to finally get it out there and share it with all of you. I’ve created a page of my website that is fully dedicated to the “CREATURES” class. this page features what’s included in the class, the price, where to buy, and even some FAQ’s. head on over here to get all of the details.


I want to thank all of you for being so patient as I’ve been putting this course together. I have worked really hard to create a class that is exciting, creative, fun, and appropriate for all levels. “Creatures” embraces not only my teaching style, but who I am as an artist – so, I really do feel like I’m sharing a bit of me with all of you…

join me on this kick-ass creative adventure…and I hope to be seeing you in class!


21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop!


I am SO SO SO excited to finally make this major announcement!

this spring 2015, I will be teaching a class as part of the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop! 21 Secrets (founded by Dirty Footprints Studio), is a workshop constructed by 21 different artists and is accessed entirely online. here’s a little bit about the course I’ll be teaching:

Fragments & Mysteries

Throw your plan out the window, and lose the ‘big picture’ you’ve been consistently mapping and overworking in your journal pages. Fragments and Mysteries is about embracing the idea of art making with zero constraints. As an artist, I believe that in stepping away from pre-existing plans, true and personal meanings will emerge. Deep within layered materials, found objects and imagery, your subconscious will reveal its own theme. In this workshop, I will guide you step by step. These small steps, small phases, and fragments will ultimately piece together a meaning lying within you. A meaning which until this point, had only been a mystery…

the exciting part of this workshop, is that you have the ability to experience 21 different classes and teachers all in one place, and all focusing on art journaling. it’s also entirely online, so you have instant access to videos and downloadable material! I will be teaching alongside a great group of artists (and you can find the full list of artists here).

if you’re interested in signing up, click here! by clicking specifically on my link, I will receive credit for the sales generated through it. pre-sale kicks off today, so snag your spot now (and the earlier you sign up, the better the rate!).

hope to see some of you in class! xo

art journal kickstarter


I know, I’ve been completely off the blog radar. I miss this space very much, and hope to really put some time in once I wrap up my semester…

needless to say, my credential work has pretty much consumed my life. on top of my coursework (and working weekends at pnla), I’ve been doing my best to take on opportunities and gigs as an artist. the last few months have been very exciting, and I feel like I’m really pursuing two careers at the same time. ultimately, I’m juggling two paths: becoming an art teacher, and being a working artist.

I’m excited to say that I’ve got a string of really fabulous upcoming publications, the first of which is the art journal kickstarter book! this will be my first book publication as a contributing artist. I’ll admit I haven’t physically seen the book quite yet (as it’s still in pre-order mode), but I’m excited to get my paws on it…

pre-order your copy here!

***I have another VERY VERY exciting announcement coming THIS MONDAY…so keep an eye out. it’s a good one folks. xo***

artsnacks unboxing & journal spread


happy friday! can you believe may is nearly over? this month seriously just flew by…

as a special treat (ie: I totally cranked to get this video done, haha), head on over to my youtube channel to watch the may artsnacks unboxing! rather than doing the ‘artsnacks challenge’, like I did last month, I decided to play around with the materials on an art journal spread instead.

stay tuned for several new videos in the works – including a behind the scenes look of filming MAKE IT ARTSY and episode #2 of DRINK & A DOODLE! one of those two videos will be up on my channel next week. needless to say, I’ve got a lot of editing to do…

…have a kick ass three day weekend everyone!

journal weekend part one.


I feel like I’m neglecting this poor little ol’ blog of mine. but I’ve just had a lot of my plate lately. I hate to say that imagining things post-wedding is pretty damn exciting – ahhh to have a normal life yet again.

remember when I went the unconventional route with my ‘bachelorette’ and spent the weekend journaling in santa barbara instead? well, here’s some of the photos from the ranch we stayed at. that’s right I said ranch. and staying at circle bar b ranch for two nights was honestly the perfect escape.

the ranch is completely nestled into a hillside several miles or so off the highway. passing the endless rows of lemon groves and winding up a small single lane driveway really makes you feel like it’s buried in the mountains. as prepared by the family staff, communal dining makes for entertaining meals (literally, grandpa runs the bbq every night). a small theatre, just past about a dozen horse stalls, sits on the property – where weekend shows occupy. we managed to catch a show saturday evening (the importance of being earnest), and it’s certainly something you just can’t miss.

digging into my photos from the weekend has me yearning to be back on the ranch again. I don’t know if it was the lack of cell phone service, casual drinks at the bar in the lodge, or hearing the same bullfrog croak every night in the small pond outside our cabin window…

but there’s just something about being on a ranch that’s pretty damn good for your soul every one in a while.